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Flush Plastered Ceilings


Flush Plastered Ceilings are usually suspended below roof beams or a slab. They are constructed with a Rhinoboard and then skim plastered using Rhinolite plaster.


Plastered Ceilings give a high end and elegant finish.

Flush Plastered Ceilings can be finished with a decorative cornice or designer ceiling trim to create clean lines, subtle curves, shadows, and different levels and features.

This is an extremely versatile ceiling application, so an architect can make full use of this kind of ceiling as a design feature.

They are usually thicker than standard ceilings therefore providing good sound resistance and insulation. Beautiful and stylish bulkheads can be easily integrated into a design using this type of ceiling.

Typical Applications:

Plastered Ceilings or Fixed Ceilings are popular for Residential and Commercial Ceiling applications. Malls, offices, airports and shops including designer homes make wide use of Plaster Ceilings due to the versatility it offers.


plastered ceiling shadowline
A newly plastered ceiling, note shadowline finish

Two common methods are :

  • Suspended. A metal ceiling grid can be hung from a special bracket or metal strap fixed to the underside of the floor slab or truss. Suspension brackets lock into a series of interlocking metal sections. Next assembly of a galvanized grid begins, the grid clips securely into place.
  • Wood or metal brandering grids. With this method the grid is fastened directly to the roof trusses, thus forming a series of lines perpendicular to the trusses.

The installer will fasten Rhino or Jumbo boards to the frame using screws or nails. It is important to apply a special Fibre tape to reduce the chance of cracking at joints where boards meet. This is when the fun starts. The plasterer will then apply a thin coat of Rhinolite or skimming plaster evenly across the boards. Finally the plasterer will float the ceiling to a smooth finish. It is vital that materials used in installation of ceilings and bulkheads comply with South African building standards therefore insuring the installation is safe and protects the owner from liability issues.

When the plaster has dried a decorative moulded cornice or other ceiling trim can be fixed at the corners where the wall and roof meet to create the desired effect.

Extra considerations:

Need samples of moulded cornice or want to see how  different shadowline finishes look?

Give us a call and we will give you a free quote and also bring some samples along to show you.

Flush Plastered ceilings j le Roux
Plastering is a messy job!

Remember: Plastering is a dirty and messy job, especially when plastering ceilings. Therefore if the job site is occupied or already finished, please request additional covering and spot sheets to minimize dust.

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