Bishop strip ceiling
Bishop strip ceiling before paint and finishing

Bishop Strip Ceilings

At J le Roux Ceilings we can help you choose the best ceiling according to your needs and budget. We are specialists at installing a wide variety of ceilings including the Bishop strip ceiling.

Benefits of a Bishop Strip Ceiling:

The Bishop Strip Ceiling (also called m-strip) is the most common low cost residential Ceiling found in South Africa today. This ceiling is popular due to its low cost and its pleasant simple finish. Our team are well acquainted with this standard ceiling, therefore installation is very quick when compared to other ceiling types. Due to the ceiling not being plastered, the job site is also a cleaner.

Typical Applications:

This ceiling is well suited to residential applications. Some areas Bishop Strip Ceilings are used in: Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Lounges, Studies etc. It is very common to find this ceiling in Garages, as its low cost saves money that can be spent in other areas of the home.


Board construction material for this ceiling usually is a 6.4mm gypsum board. Boards are finished with a metal H-strip between the joints where boards meet. The Ceiling is usually nailed or screwed onto a wood brandering. At J le Roux Ceilings we believe in using the highest quality Materials therefore we only use Saligna brandering which is stronger and more durable than the common Pine brandering. In some cases the ceiling can also be suspended below the trusses or slab above.

 Extra considerations:

We have had requests to plaster an existing bishop strip ceiling. It is not advisable to plaster over an existing Bishop strip ceiling, due to the thin 6,4 mm board used in addition to the fact that the H-strip starts rusting under plaster.

To conserve energy in addition to improving comfort in the area where the ceiling is installed, contact us for a price to install insulation above the ceiling.

standard 75 mm cove cornice
75 mm Cornice

Please note that when we quote you for a Bishop Strip Ceiling, the usual price includes a standard 75mm Cornice!

Do you Need Bishop Strip Ceilings?

At J le Roux Ceilings we specialize in the installation of Ceilings. We are ready to help, so feel free to call us if you are unsure about what ceiling will best suit your needs. Call us or  fill in our online request form for a Free Quotation.

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